PopTones Vocal Ensemble are proud to be accompanied by a rotating roster of incredible local musicians. Meet some of Montreal's best:


Lisa "Dee" Perusse
Co-founder, Director

Dee's pedigree includes an undergraduate degree in music and a master's degree in choral direction, and her years in touring bands Throwback and Erik Lind & The Orchard made her a serious badass. These days, Dee is a professional yoga teacher and manager of Modo Yoga's NDG, St-Laurent, and Griffintown branches.


Jake Shenker
Co-founder, Assistant director, Guitar

Jake plays guitar and cracks jokes, and sometimes has to direct the PopTones when Dee is sick. He is most proud of his zany funk/jam band The Fuzzy Logic and his recent solo releases. He is also a serious dude with a masters degree in neuroscience, and is currently pursuing his PhD in clinical psychology. For more about Jake, visit his website.


Leo Bae

Pianist, composer, teacher, and world-class nice dude. Get to know him by visiting his website.


Jeffrey Lauber

Multi-instrumentalist and man-bun aficionado Jeff is a member of Montreal group Perfect Strangers


Francis Morin

A recent addition to the PopTones team, super-nice guy Frank also plays drums in local band Perfect Strangers